Does Boost Mobile Finance Phones?

Boost Mobile offers several financing options to help make getting a new phone more affordable. Their main program is called SmartPay which allows customers to lease phones with no credit check and low monthly payments.

Lease-to-Own With SmartPay

SmartPay is Boost Mobile’s lease-to-own program. It allows customers to lease a phone and make 24 monthly payments until the device is paid off. No money is required upfront and a credit check is not performed. At the end of the two-year period, customers will own the phone outright.

SmartPay Merchant

Most Boost Mobile retail locations are independently owned and operated merchants. These merchants can enroll in the SmartPay Merchant program which provides the devices and accessories they can offer for lease through SmartPay. It allows them flexibility in stocking popular phones.

What is Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier owned by Dish Network. It operates on the networks of T-Mobile and AT&T depending on the area. Boost Mobile offers no-contract service plans starting at $35 per month along with phones available for lease through SmartPay.

What is their free phone program?

Boost Mobile occasionally runs promotions where new customers can get a basic phone free with activation of a new line of service and porting their number over from another carrier. The phones available are usually lower-end refurbished models but provide a free option to get service started.

What are the benefits of getting a free phone from Boost Mobile?

What are the benefits of getting a free phone from Boost Mobile?

Financial Savings: Getting even a basic free phone saves the upfront costs of buying a device outright or the down payment required with installment billing plans.

Convenience: Having the phone provided makes it easy to immediately start service without having to shop and purchase a device first.

Access to Latest Technology: While free phones are basic, they allow customers the flexibility to later upgrade to new flagship devices through SmartPay when affordable monthly payments are available.

No Contract: Boost Mobile uses prepaid service which does not require an annual contract like postpaid carriers. Customers aren’t locked into long-term bills and can easily change plans or carriers if a better option becomes available.

How to qualify for a free phone from Boost Mobile

1Sign up for a qualifying plan. Generally a $35-50/month prepaid plan.
2Port-in your existing phone number from a different carrier to Boost Mobile.
3Pass a soft credit check assessing payment history and account management.
4Choose an eligible basic or refurbished phone model offered for free activation.
5Maintain active service for 30-90 days after activation before any device fees are assessed.

What phones are available in the free phone program?

1. Basic Phones: Entry-level voice-only handsets like the LG Classic Flip.

2. Feature Phones: Basic non-smartphone options with some apps like the Alcatel GO FLIPTM 3.

3. Android Smartphones: Older or lower-end Android devices such as the ZTE Blade A3 Prime.

4. iPhone: No iPhones are provided for free but used models can occasionally be leased for a small monthly fee.

5. Refurbished Phones: Most free phones are pre-owned and refurbished to working condition but show signs of wear.

How to activate your free phone

1Choose the specific free phone model you want from the available options.
2Check your eligibility by verifying you meet the credit requirements and can port your number.
3Gather the necessary account and payment information needed for activation.
4Log into your Boost Mobile account online to start the device activation process.
5If porting a number, follow prompts to transfer your existing number.
6Power on the phone and insert the correct SIM card included with the device.
7Select a qualifying monthly prepaid service plan to use with your new activated phone.

How much does service cost?

Boost Mobile service plans start at $35 per month for unlimited talk and text with 2GB of high-speed data. Prepaid refills are available starting from $10 for 500MB of data. Additional lines on family plans are available from $25 per month each.

Pros and cons of getting a free phone from Boost Mobile


  • No upfront costs for the phone itself
  • Easy activation process to start service
  • Flexibility to later upgrade through SmartPay financing
  • Prepaid plans have no long-term contracts


  • Free phones offered are often very basic models
  • Eligibility requirements like credit check and number porting
  • Data allotments on starter plans can be limited
  • No option for the latest or most desirable smartphone models

Frequently Asked Questions

Does boost have contracts?

Yes, Boost has contracts for their mobile services. These contracts outline terms and conditions for usage and service agreements.

Can you get Boost Mobile with bad credit?

Yes, Boost Mobile offers payment arrangements for customers facing financial difficulties. Contact their customer service for assistance.

Can you finance a phone through Boost Mobile?

Yes, Boost Mobile offers financing options for phones through its partner, Affirm. You can choose to pay for your phone in instalments over time.

Does Boost Mobile do payment arrangements?

Yes, Boost Mobile offers payment arrangements for eligible customers. Simply contact their customer service to discuss options.


while the phones offered for free through Boost Mobile promotions are often basic models, their programs can still provide value for customers in the right situation. Getting a free phone removes the upfront device costs that are sometimes a barrier to mobile service. The flexible prepaid plans without long-term contracts also appeal to many users.

While the latest iPhone or Android flagships may not be options, the free activation entices users to try Boost Mobile’s affordable network coverage. And SmartPay financing subsequently presents opportunities to seamlessly upgrade to more desired devices over time through affordable monthly payments if budget allows. For customers needing a temporary phone or wanting to reduce expenses, Boost Mobile’s free phone promotions deserve consideration.

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